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  • I've been training at this school for a few years now and the environment is amazing. Mr Dowden is an amazing teacher who gives help with both your technique and confidence. The entire school offers a friendly and fun environment to train and will always over help either from the teacher or the senior graded students. Couldn't give this place enough praise, fantastic

    Jamie Mcgill Avatar Jamie Mcgill

    I have joined the school with my older daughter a few years back now. My youngest has joined also for the last 2 years. It is a disciplined but safe and friendly environment. I would recommend it not only if you wish to do martial arts for yourself or your child but also f you are looking for a joint parent-child training and having fun experience.

    Panagiotis Patsilinacos Avatar Panagiotis Patsilinacos

    Joined a few months ago found everyone in the class very welcoming. My son has also joined and has made many new friends. The teacher Mr Dowden is pleasant and is dedicated to helping each invidual and helps them achieve there goals.

    lisa mcgarry Avatar lisa mcgarry
  • Not only do the kids learn taekwondo they also learn personal safety , team work,respect and discipline. It's wonderful for their self esteem and the 1st rule of Kubz is to be nice and kind. That in itself is a great thing to learn. Also if they do well at school they get a stamp in their book as a reward. Again a great thing to encourage them to do well at school too.

    Elaine Mearns Avatar Elaine Mearns

    Went with 2 granddaughters for one of the free cub sessions. They really enjoyed it. Can see how attending these classes will encourage positive behaviour and bring confidence to the children. Fantastic

    Lynne Easton Avatar Lynne Easton

    Great place to start the journey. Brilliant teaching, brilliant program, my son counts the hours until the next session.

    Donald John Avatar Donald John
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I have trained at WMAC for over 5 years now and have recently obtained a Black belt in ITF Taekwon-do. There is a great, friendly atmosphere, the students and instructors are very approachable.


I have been training at Whitburn Martial Arts Centre for 2 years and I have enjoyed every class. Mr Dowden is a professional individual and can get the very best out of his students as he has done with me.


I started Taekwon Do with my son to build up fitness + learn self defence, and since I have started I have learned more, I have more confidence as a person, I have more respect for people, I enjoy taking part in Mr Dowdens class.
I enjoy breaking + pad work, and enjoy the competitions, and I have also seen a change in my son.
Luke started Taekwon Do because he was getting bullied. He when to another school first, but was not learning anything.
Now he go’s to Mr Dowdens class he learns loads.
He is more confidant + listens more, he is not as quiet any more which is great and we both do as much as we can.
Mr Dowden is good with all his students.


My son goes to this club and he loves it, Ashley Dowden is a committed instructor only looking for the best for and from his students he installs discipline and fun with his students so glad my son goes to this tkd and not some of the fakes that are out there


My son Jordan (12) started 2 1/2 years ago, Training with WMAC taekwon-do under the instruction of Mr. A Dowden he is currently a Blue Belt nearing his red tag status.
Jordan has found training at WMAC taekwon-do very good, as well as enhancing his physical ability it has also made him mentally stronger installing a high standard of Respect and Discipline as well as building his self confidence. I would recommend to any parent to get their children involved with WMAC taekwon-do (and themselves if they fancy it) and see the progression themselves/ their children make.


Taekwon-Do is a great thing to do both physically and mentally.
Everyday I read about another person getting attacked or raped, its very comforting to know that I can defend myself if I ever get in to that situation.
Its helped boost my confidence and has allowed me to make a lot of great friends and a lot of great memories.


First class expert instruction and great family atmosphere. forget gyms and everything else as taekwondo will give you all the fitness you require at the Whitburn class. Me and my young daughter lucy love it .peter Mcmahon (yellow belt) :0)


My sister and I have been training with Mr Dowden just over a year now after transferring schools, he is very committed with all of his students and has a welcoming, family atmosphere for new students and students moving schools. He does his very best to make sure students moving from other schools are doing the very best they can and puts so much effort into every student. I cannot stress how much of an amazing instructor he is and I am proud to say that I am one of his students.


My son Calum (5) started Samurai Sam class when he was 3 and has Asperger Syndrome. His gross motor skills have greatly improved and he has learnt about Safety and Social skills. Calum has been challenging however the work that Mr Dowden has put in has seen his concentration improve, he really looks forward to the class and has made friends. The class has helped Calum to deal with starting school and Mr Dowden has been very supportive in trying different ways to engage with him. Calum can easily see his progress on his sticker sheet and really enjoys getting a sticker reward. I could not recommend WMAC highly enough.